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Introduction to Graduate Education 

As the largest institute of Shandong University, the School of Basic Medical Sciences has an enrollment of 1771 graduates, including 537 doctoral program students, 1234 master program students, and 38 international students. All of them are studying on the school campus and in 5 clinical hospitals and 4 teaching hospitals. At present, the School has developed a complete medical graduate cultivation pattern which consists of 29 disciplines to confer doctoral degree and master degree in both medicine and biology. In addition to offering undergraduate programs, School of Basic Medical Sciences also plays an active role in continuing education. It hosts 2 postdoctoral programs.

Knowing that teaching faculty is the most important for the quality of education, School of Basic Medical Sciences has laid much focus on intellects development. School of Basic Medical Sciences has more than 700 master student supervisors, including 167 doctoral supervisors appointed by the Disciplinary Appraisal Committee of the State Council, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 specially invited professor by "Cheung Kong Scholar Award Program'', 1 winner of National Outstanding Youth Foundation, 2 members of the first and second levels of national "Hundred, Thousand and Million Talents Project", 1 member of "New Century Outstanding Talents Supporting Program", and 1 specially invited professor of "Taishan Scholars Construction Project" of Shandong Province.

As one of the 34 institutions designated by State Ministry of Education which are entitled to enroll master students autonomously, School of Basic Medical Sciences has several admission channels, including candidates of national standardized examination, recommended undergraduates from national key universities. Excellent candidates of Master Degree could directly transfer to the Doctorate Program at the third year and become the candidate of Doctorate Degree. The enrollment of doctoral students covers not only candidates of national standardized examination, but also clinicians taking part in the standardized tests given by the State Ministry of Public Health and working candidates with equivalent educational qualifications.

Shandong University School of Basic Medical Sciences is the cradle for fostering graduates, and a desired place for outstanding students to fully develop their talents. Those who wish to devote themselves to medical science are sincerely welcome to join us.
School of Basic Medical Sciences.

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